Terminal Services Sessions Are Full

You are trying to connect on a Windows 2000 Standalone server and the terminal service ssessions are full.

  • Connect to a machine on the same subnet of the target machine and make sure you have administrative privileges.
  • Run cmd.exe
  • Enter the following command: qwinsta /server: (IP address of the target server)
  • The above will show you the users that hold the sessions of terminal services: (You will get a result like the following)
terminal services sessions in windows 2000
terminal services sessions in windows 2000

On this example the Administrator is connected from console and also holds another session of TS.
Also user1 is connected through TS.
In order to disconnect one of these users enter the following command:
rwinsta /server: 3 (IP address of the target server and ID number)
This command will disconnect user user1.