HTC WildFire S – Copy contacts from Phone to Google Account

You have a smartphone and you are looking for a best practice to backup up your contacts… You can do it the traditional way, by synchronizing the phone with your computer, or do it with the modern way, back up to the cloud.

The following procedure describes the procedure on HTC WildFire S and assumes that your contacts are on phone memory at the moment, but it should be similar with most of smart phones (at least Android).

How to do this:

    1. Export your phone your contacts to SD card: [highlight]People (contacts) – Options – Import/Export – Export to SD card[/highlight]. This will create a .vcf file on your SD card, containing your phone contacts.
    2. Import the above contacts to your Google account: [highlight]People (contacts) – Options – Import/Export – Import from SD card – Google Account[/highlight] (This procedure will find automatically any .vcf file from SD card and will import it to your Google Account).
    3. Make sure that you synchronize your Google account at least once:[highlight] Settings – Account & Sync – Google – Sync Contacts.[/highlight]